Dublicist – Bubble Bath Sessions Vol 3

This was scheduled for April or May 2018, but unfortunately could not be realized until now. CHUNK081 again features long, strange dub echo experiments with a slow reggae base

Acidson Ravetoldy – Electronic Swaet

2018 has been a weak year. The summer was real hot and there were problems on all sides and ends. Nevertheless here comes CHUNK079 by Acidson Ravetoldy – what a funny name. His aim is to do some updated Acid House with lots of vaporwavey ingredients. Well, it turned out to be some unusual and side-tracking Acid once again. Sick.

But meanwhile Chunk Records presents for the first time … VINYL. Yes, it’s true. CHUNK072 The GTL-Future In The Sky has been released on 12″ Vinyl. The digital version had 12 tracks, 3 were removed due to maximum vinyl length, one (“Humble Earthiness”) has been remixed and is now 6:53 long. You can order it here: https://chunkrecords.bandcamp.com/album/future-in-the-sky
Comes factory sealed and is shipped worldwide.