Music Business is not Music Part 4 : Mannheim Culture

I’m still owing the fourth part of “What the hell is going on in the local music business?”. Ok, here it is:

In March 2016 I visited another club here in Mannheim called “k***b**” for a reading. It was a  cozy-cold place with some punk appeal and a room in the souterrain with the possibility for a band to play. After everybody has gone I asked one of the remaining persons who I have to contact to make a concert here. The one who said he was the owner of the club, I told him that I sent an email before but there was no answer. So I played him a part of my “Dublicist”-tracks, and he said “It just doesn’t swing enough.” Wtf? Dub-Reggae isn’t “swinging”, never. Anyway he told me I should send another mail with a link to my music and that’s what I did after, but I decided not to promote Dublicist any longer in this case, but Pegmayer. I asked via facebook if the mail has arrived, and the answer was yes. Then I got the answer, my concert could take place at May 18th, and if I would have enough stuff to  outlast three(!) hours. I wrote back that three hours Pegmayer might be a bit of exhausting and/or boring, so I offered him two more projects: Splicix and Electric Boogers (both need more volume than Pegmayer, so Pegmayer would be the chill out.. this might be a necessary point here because in Jungbusch quarter it’s forbidden to play loud music after 23.00). Guess what?

I got no answer anymore – even I asked again. Instead a few days later on their facebook page a performance schedule appeared, and who was scheduled on May 18th? Apparently not Pegmayer, just another DJ or electronic act or something. So I asked again via facebook  and someone answered that the date was  already reserved… but why I didn’t get this information just straight? So I  suggested another date at July 13th, from which I thought the running was long enough (2 months!) not to conflict with other reserved dates. No answer, once again. After a few days I  rated this place with one star at facebook with an objective justification.

It lasted just a few minutes that I got an answer! But what: I was just insulted in a way that might be called “anti-social” – not one line of straightness or fair-mindedness, just stupid hate text. After a while I decided to take down my rating and immediately: no answer again. So I tried again to “talk” with this “facebook friend”, but it was useless – there were no appropiate answer, and I put on again my 1-star-rating. There are still some answers to my rating where anybody can get an idea how communication works in those realms.

Anyway, I have given up my plans to play any concerts here, and I will not attend concerts nor go to clubs anymore spending money on them. It’s not worth it. I won’t support these kinds of ridiculous behaviours anymore.

It can work in another way: I also mailed some clubs in the USA, and I got normal answers in spite of those were refusals. So, what’s wrong with the people here in Germany?