Various Artists – At The End Of A Way – Best Of Ten Years Chunk Records

The 2-year-plan has finished with CHUNK064. For a short overview CHUNK065 is a “Best Of” from the last ten years. Not all artists or projects could be involved as there was a limitation to 25 tracks and roundabout 2 hours playtime. Listen to it at bandcamp (it will not be uploaded to youtube):

Also the back catalogue has been restructured on bandcamp to bundle the releases:
The free download period is over – the normal price is now 2€ per digital album, but you can buy the complete back catalogue with a 60% discount: 65 albums for 52€.
The catalogues of artists which produced three or more albums are also available discounted 40%. The link is in the main catalogue album description.
The changes have some impact on the availabilities on this page – they will be repaired in the next weeks.