Gina True Legs – Night Madness

Leggina Trundimonde changed her moniker to Gina True Legs (aka GTL) and programmed 12 new tracks: CHUNK049. As before mostly calm house tracks sometimes with a industrial or funk twist.

Somebody may ask why all albums here sound “raw” or underproduced. Yes, it’s because the producing standard today is: As loud as possible, and penetrative as possible. Nobody here at Chunk Records likes this new standard, so it always sounds more like eighties production.

Or play on youtube:

The next number will be CHUNK050. As there are some more projects in the pipe, here’s a little forecast:

  • Crass Harry & New Hedonists’ new album is done almost 40%
  • V C Colt has worked on his long delayed tracks
  • Eugen Dittberner’s third album comes in sight – there are lots of tracks in his production timeline
  • There is a new group Electronic Cavemen working on old school electronic goth tracks