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Father Valium – The Virus Is My Revenge

Since there was not so much happening here, the Corona crisis made Father Valium doing a new collection of tracks. “The Virus Is My Revenge” (CHUNK095): 15 numbers of fast Tech programming.. a bit cheap, but often to the point and no circumstances. Play it loud.

Daubenkötter – Live Torture

Daubenkötter’s last album was released in 2016. Here comes some live appearance over 160 minutes: “Live Torture” (CHUNK094). No new tracks, but a bit differently sounding than previous stuff… 29 tracks with live atmo and lots of techno/techhouse/post-punk-funk noise.

Elena Anestiadi – In Memory Of Everything

The second album today is the only work by Elena Anestiadi: CHUNK093. Well, almost just another House album, with some Ambient, but lots of Snare work and some Fitness Beats…

Flooric – Infinity Ball

CHUNK092 is a follow up to “On The Rim Of Reality” by Flooric. Expect long Lo-Fi French House tracks, grooving to infinity, with filter effects, lots of extra noise.

Solange Plexus – Drum Charged

Only four new albums this year? How could this happen? But CHUNK091 is the 2nd album by Solange Plexus. More techno, dub and noise than lofi house influenced.