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Elena Anestiadi – In Memory Of Everything

The second album today is the only work by Elena Anestiadi: CHUNK093. Well, almost just another House album, with some Ambient, but lots of Snare work and some Fitness Beats…

Flooric – Infinity Ball

CHUNK092 is a follow up to “On The Rim Of Reality” by Flooric. Expect long Lo-Fi French House tracks, grooving to infinity, with filter effects, lots of extra noise.

Solange Plexus – Drum Charged

Only four new albums this year? How could this happen? But CHUNK091 is the 2nd album by Solange Plexus. More techno, dub and noise than lofi house influenced.

ZecVac – Press Mode

Entering CHUNK090 is ZecVac with “Press Mode”. What sounds like dub reggae, is on the other hand techno pattern like. Strange sound.

Flooric – On The Rim Of Reality

This year was weak so far. And here comes a new project named Flooric. The Album “On The Rim Of Reality” consists of a mixture of FrenchHouse and DubTechno. A lot of Dancefloor, and a lot of noise…