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Dublicist – Bubble Bath Sessions Vol 2

Well, not so much new here in 2018 for so far. Dublicist just finished the “Bubble Bath Sessions Vol 2” (CHUNK078). The appearance is not as nightmarish as Vol 1, it has 4 new tracks and 4 remixes which basic tracks has been part of the Reptile Brain Sessions.
Vol 3 will appear in 2 or 3 months and it looks like it will be stranger than Vol 2.

Last Second Damage Control Unit – Refused

Here is CHUNK077. The new artist on the roster are Last Second Damage Control Unit, and their first album “Refused” is.. something like monotonous Lo-Fi (French) House or Techno. Special here: they use pointy Funk guitars to get the groove going.

Dublicist – Bubble Bath Sessions Vol 1

It’s been a while… and here comes the 8th album by Dublicist in 2 and a half years. The “Bubble Bath Sessions Vol 1” once again starts with nightmarish, psychedelic dub riddims with some strange sounds and lots of differences to earlier sessions in roundabout 75 minutes: CHUNK076. But this is just the beginning – Dublicist is working the next weeks on Vol 2, while it’s not clear if there will be a third part.

Hardfrost – The Gift Of Frost

This is the third album by Hardfrost. It’s quite developed beyond earlier stuff: There are more layers of atmosphere, more drums and synths and noises than ever before. The result is a thick built TechFunk with lots of hidden gimmicks in the groove. As a side effect it can be heard as Techno emphasized on the 2 and 4, or emphasized on the 1 (as in Funk), and also sometimes on the off-beat. Try it for yourself… (CHUNK075)

Eugen Dittberner – Saturday Of The Shark

And.. this year’s Eugen Dittberner is out, also. As before stomping House tracks with decent bass and smooth synth chords, minimal but driving. Don’t expect anything new here, it’s just mostly an easy listening in steady groove, not more, but not less (CHUNK074).