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ZecVac – Press Mode

Entering CHUNK090 is ZecVac with “Press Mode”. What sounds like dub reggae, is on the other hand techno pattern like. Strange sound.

Flooric – On The Rim Of Reality

This year was weak so far. And here comes a new project named Flooric. The Album “On The Rim Of Reality” consists of a mixture of FrenchHouse and DubTechno. A lot of Dancefloor, and a lot of noise…

Pegmayer – Phlegma – The Remixes

Since 2019 is running a while, the 1st album is CHUNK088. Actually ten remixes of Pegmayer stuff from 2015-16. Most of the tracks really stood the test of time, even here or there the mix got a bit too noisy. Pegmayer is thinking about changing his name to Phlegmayer now… a good laugh.. on second thought.. well, that’s not the worst idea. Maybe there will be new tracks coming out.

Solange Plexus – Memory Guess Hour

Oops, a forgotten, crazy gem here: This strange House-related album by Solange Plexus called “Memory Guess Hour” was the last one released in 2018 as CHUNK087.

Compound Bus – Vacuum Steppers

This is a jointventure by Dublicist and Takuya Mitarashi: Compound Bus. Their first album “Vacuum Steppers” is a strange mixture of pure Tek-Dub-Noise and Dub-Reggae-Beats.