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Flooric – Floor Noisics

Here comes CHUNK100, another Filter French House jam, based on African grooves, Funk, Gospel. It’s the third album by Flooric.

Dublicist – Dead Head Rising

Meanwhile Dublicist has released his 11th(!) album as CHUNK098.
In opposite to the most earlier releases this one has more “old schoolish” feeling dub, no longer than 4 1/2 minutes, but is strange enough not just sound like a pure copy. Anyway, decide for yourself…

The Virgil Bernixen Experience – Remain In Dust

It’s also been three years or so since Virgil Bernixen did a new album. “Remain In Dust” (CHUNK097) is something between a reconstruction, a persiflage and a hommage to an album from 1980 (Guess what). It totally plunders the source and makes a lofi House joint from it. The vertical sample extracting was done by a neuronal network, but the main work as horizontal sample cutting, editing and so on was still done in weeklong small work. Ok, this is one possible result. Enjoy the tour – and maybe feel a bit sentimental…

Takuya Mitarashi – A Clear View On That What Is

This is the 4th album by Takuya Mitarashi. “A Clear View On That What Is” (CHUNK096) comes close to the predecessor: A primordial soup of washed out sounds, sometimes with a rhythmic dub-techno-like appearance.