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Here comes CHUNK051, just another new project with industrial tech beats between 120 and 126 bpm. Sounds much harsher than other tech stuff and closes almost up to Hardfrost.

The download is available at bandcamp here:

The forecast has changed so far:

  • Pegmayer – “Chronomode Prequel” 80%
  • Crass Harry & The New Hedonists – “Speak Up” 60%
  • The Inexhaustible Chunk Funk Band – “Weird Side” – 50%
  • V C Colt – “VC1” 20%
  • “Unknown Artist” – “Broke Beats” – 10%
  • The Virgil Bernixen Experience – “VB5” – 10%
  • Eugen Dittberner – “ED4” – 10%
  • Electronic Cavemen – “EC1” 5%

Eugen Dittberner – Thank Science For Drum Machines

Ok, first come, first serve. Eugen Dittberner had a lot of tracks in the pipe (and still have). So he got the anniversary number CHUNK050 for “Thank Science For Drum Machines”. The sound is not so smooth as on CHUNK023, it’s generally faster, more uncompromising  and still minimal in the groove, but comes good.

The download is available at bandcamp here:

A forecast what’s coming next:

  • There are still old Pegmayer tracks that were too good to dump, so the worktitle is “Chronomode Prequel”
  • Crass Harry’s 2nd album is in work now (finished 40%)
  • Electronic Cavemen are working on electronic goth mantras
  • V C Colt continues to finish his tracks built over the years (finished ca 20%)
  • a fusion project is still planned, but delayed

Gina True Legs – Night Madness

Leggina Trundimonde changed her moniker to Gina True Legs (aka GTL) and programmed 12 new tracks: CHUNK049. As before mostly calm house tracks sometimes with a industrial or funk twist.

Somebody may ask why all albums here sound “raw” or underproduced. Yes, it’s because the producing standard today is: As loud as possible, and penetrative as possible. Nobody here at Chunk Records likes this new standard, so it always sounds more like eighties production.

The download is available at bandcamp here:

The next number will be CHUNK050. As there are some more projects in the pipe, here’s a little forecast:

  • Crass Harry & New Hedonists’ new album is done almost 40%
  • V C Colt has worked on his long delayed tracks
  • Eugen Dittberner’s third album comes in sight – there are lots of tracks in his production timeline
  • There is a new group Electronic Cavemen working on old school electronic goth tracks