Music Business is not Music Part 4 : Mannheim Culture

I’m still owing the fourth part of “What the hell is going on in the local music business?”. Ok, here it is:

In March 2016 I visited another club here in Mannheim called “k***b**” for a reading. It was a  cozy-cold place with some punk appeal and a room in the souterrain with the possibility for a band to play. After everybody has gone I asked one of the remaining persons who I have to contact to make a concert here. The one who said he was the owner of the club, I told him that I sent an email before but there was no answer. So I played him a part of my “Dublicist”-tracks, and he said “It just doesn’t swing enough.” Wtf? Dub-Reggae isn’t “swinging”, never. Anyway he told me I should send another mail with a link to my music and that’s what I did after, but I decided not to promote Dublicist any longer in this case, but Pegmayer. I asked via facebook if the mail has arrived, and the answer was yes. Then I got the answer, my concert could take place at May 18th, and if I would have enough stuff to  outlast three(!) hours. I wrote back that three hours Pegmayer might be a bit of exhausting and/or boring, so I offered him two more projects: Splicix and Electric Boogers (both need more volume than Pegmayer, so Pegmayer would be the chill out.. this might be a necessary point here because in Jungbusch quarter it’s forbidden to play loud music after 23.00). Guess what?

I got no answer anymore – even I asked again. Instead a few days later on their facebook page a performance schedule appeared, and who was scheduled on May 18th? Apparently not Pegmayer, just another DJ or electronic act or something. So I asked again via facebook  and someone answered that the date was  already reserved… but why I didn’t get this information just straight? So I  suggested another date at July 13th, from which I thought the running was long enough (2 months!) not to conflict with other reserved dates. No answer, once again. After a few days I  rated this place with one star at facebook with an objective justification.

It lasted just a few minutes that I got an answer! But what: I was just insulted in a way that might be called “anti-social” – not one line of straightness or fair-mindedness, just stupid hate text. After a while I decided to take down my rating and immediately: no answer again. So I tried again to “talk” with this “facebook friend”, but it was useless – there were no appropiate answer, and I put on again my 1-star-rating. There are still some answers to my rating where anybody can get an idea how communication works in those realms.

Anyway, I have given up my plans to play any concerts here, and I will not attend concerts nor go to clubs anymore spending money on them. It’s not worth it. I won’t support these kinds of ridiculous behaviours anymore.

It can work in another way: I also mailed some clubs in the USA, and I got normal answers in spite of those were refusals. So, what’s wrong with the people here in Germany?

Various Artists – At The End Of A Way – Best Of Ten Years Chunk Records

The 2-year-plan has finished with CHUNK064. For a short overview CHUNK065 is a “Best Of” from the last ten years. Not all artists or projects could be involved as there was a limitation to 25 tracks and roundabout 2 hours playtime. Listen to it at bandcamp (it will not be uploaded to youtube):

Also the back catalogue has been restructured on bandcamp to bundle the releases:
The free download period is over – the normal price is now 2€ per digital album, but you can buy the complete back catalogue with a 60% discount: 65 albums for 52€.
The catalogues of artists which produced three or more albums are also available discounted 40%. The link is in the main catalogue album description.
The changes have some impact on the availabilities on this page – they will be repaired in the next weeks.

Killjoe – Killjoe’d

Funky, fast, electroid… Killjoe inherits the sector Daubenkötter has left. It’s not as noisy as DK, more Electro Funk with its silly vocoder parts.

Or play on youtube:

CHUNK064 is the last number of the two year lifecycle. Since March 2015 there were 50 records produced, this marks an preliminary end. CHUNK065 will be a best of compilation,
all other (Electric Boogers and Drinkfish were in the queue) were cancelled.

Splicix – Circle Crossing

And on CHUNK063 is… Splicix with his new album “Circle Crossing”. The first album here that was produced in Vaporwave style, but is in the basics something housy and downbeat, or with funk basses…

Or play on youtube:

The Virgil Bernixen Experience – A Hammer Through My Boombox

As promised, the new album by Virgil Bernixen “A Hammer Through My Beatbox” (CHUNK062). In fact, there are only few tracks that are new, the majority was programmed in summer 2015 when VB did lots (!) of raw tracks, there are still more there, but either they were not well worked out, or they lack the House factor, so maybe some of them will be used otherwise..

Or play on youtube: