Takuya Mitarashi – Searching For Evidence Of A Meaningful Life

Takuya Mitarashi surprised us with a new album just out of the blue. In opposite to his earlier loop stuff this is strange dub techno not unlike the Space Specs, but it sounds more… disregardful: The sound elements often are some kind of falling apart of each other. Interesting, very otherworldly…

Dublicist – Fruits Of The Shroom

It’s time to play some Dub again: Dublicist has revealed ten reggae/dub/dancehall tracks which – for the first time – do not exceed effects or running time like it was done in the “Cheap Dust” and “Reptile Brain” sessions. This album is close to some rootsy dub from the seventies with sparse delay and reverb effects… (CHUNK070). Surprisingly from an artist who was not on the prediction list.

Qoldwater – Source

CHUNK069: Qoldwater’s “Source” is a five track piece of withdrawn Techno-Beats, surrounded by lots of ambient scapes or classical music or something, building up a vaguely extensive atmosphere…

Mother Vacuum – Fucking, Freaking, Breaking, Streaking, Joking And Poking …. Nothing Else

After Father Valium comes Mother Vacuum: Apparently some Techno influences here, but the tracks are very “africanic”: A mixture between something like the Gqom-Style, Polyrhythms , Techno and -to add something more- Vaporwave-styled production. Some kind of strange… CHUNK068

btw: Chunk Records has now a Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Chunk-Records-1905689853029430

Father Valium – Lobotomy 2017

For a few weeks there were no new albums produced, but today the first Father Valium, “Lobotomy 2017” is out as CHUNK067. This is the first pure Techno drums, sequences and filters driven, almost energic and sometimes strange tracks. Should be heard loud.