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CHUNK064: Killjoe – Killjoe’d

Killjoe fills the gap that Daubenkötter has left. Funky, fast, very fast, and lots of silly vocoder. A cross of electroclash, punk funk and Electro.
CHUNK064 marks the end of the cycle: Since March 2015, in less than two years, there were 50(!) records produced, from January 2007 until 2015 only 14. Next is CHUNK065, a best of compilation; after that the further production will be reduced, very reduced.

CHUNK063: Splicix – Circle Crossing

Here comes new stuff by Splicix. The first album here that was produced in vaporwave style, but in basic is still house or downbeat, with a funky flavour..
CHUNK062: The Virgil Bernixen Experience – A Hammer Through My Boombox

The new album by Virgil Bernixen just goes off “Natural Graffiti” (CHUNK022) and combines predominantly tracks from that phase with a small amount of new ones..
CHUNK061: Dublicist – The Cheap Dust Sessions Volume Three

Here is the third and last part of “The Cheap Dust Sessions”. Contains only five tracks, but some of them are overlong – 13 and 15 minutes, this has Grateful Dead dimensions…
CHUNK060: Crass Harry & The New Hedonists – After The Veneer Of Democracy Has Faded

This album marks a milestone of Chunk Records in 2017. There were several months work on this going on, and the result is a hard electronic, Funk beat, Dub, Industrial, quotation sound collage with its knee deep roots in the early eighties, and specially in On-U, Mark Stewart and Tackhead. And it has some political approach.
CHUNK059: Sonic Cavemen – Talking To The Ghosts

The second album of 2017 is almost different to all albums on Chunk Records. “Talking To The Ghosts” is some kind of reduced vintage dark goth synth pop mantras, with whispering synthesized vocals off any humanity, like the ghosts themselves did this. It’s strange, very psychic…
CHUNK058: Space Specs – Black Hole Light

“Black Hole Light”, the first for 2017, continues where “Outspaced” stopped: Swooshy Tech beats in Dub with lots of washed sounds, meanwhile the Techno factor is giving up ground to more sophisticated beat structures…
CHUNK057: Dublicist – The Cheap Dust Sessions Volume Two

As Vol one, so Vol Two: Dub-Reggae in wide reverb areas.
CHUNK056: V C Colt – Electronic Babylon

V C Colt produced this album sporadically since 2011 and finally finished it in 2016. The goal was, to get into the near of the 1985-sound of Cabaret Voltaire, hard neon-lighted dance tracks from the electronic sampler, dubs and diminished power sound.
CHUNK055: Dublicist – The Cheap Dust Sessions Volume One

The second series from the dub kitchen of Dublicist is called “Cheap Dust”. And the first part shows that this is much different to the “Reptile Brain”-series. Based still on slow Reggae beats, the focus is more on wide reverbs like in parking garages or very wide rooms, where the sounds seem to get lost between the air molecules.
CHUNK054: Space Specs – Outspaced

Here we have long, experimental DubTechno tracks with (almost steady) bass drum and swooshy sounds, appearing in filters and reverbs. Turn the volume up and get lost like in oceanic waves just washing over you…
CHUNK053: Conjoined Beat Bot – Radio Beat Bot

“Radio Beat Bot” stands in the tradition of raw, heavy funk/hiphop beats joined with noises and dubs, almost Keith LeBlanc did it in his heydays ca.1986.
CHUNK052: The Inexhaustible Chunk Funk Band – The Weird Side Of Chunk Funk

As there were a lot of tracks left (plus a few new ones), The ICFB released another album with their weirder GoGo-inspired Funk tracks. The ingredients remain the same, but it turns out to be weird…
CHUNK051: Slackster – The Art The Work The Reception The Decline

Another new artist with an industrial techno approach appeared in autumn 2016: Slackster. Hard beating drums meeting unfriendly basses and few vocal samples in a neon environment where from time to time something is happening between the lines…

Killjoe – Killjoe’d

Funky, fast, electroid… Killjoe inherits the sector Daubenkötter has left. It’s not as noisy as DK, more Electro Funk with its silly vocoder parts.

The download is available at bandcamp here:
CHUNK064 is the last number of the two year lifecycle. Since March 2015 there were 50 records produced, this marks an preliminary end. CHUNK065 will be a best of compilation,
all other (Electric Boogers and Drinkfish were in the queue) were cancelled.

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CHUNK010: Kickdigger & Doctor What – The Dawning Of A Dead Plain Era

Kickdigger as sample seeker and Dr What as programmer kept on going the earlier Electro way of Gyrator. “Era” was released in August 2013 and compiled eight non-stopping, stomping Electro Funk tracks without vocals or twists – it goes just straightaway.
CHUNK009: Drinkfish – Nosedrops

Almost two years later, in June 2013 CHUNK009 was released. Drinkfish seemed to be the most experimental act on Chunk Records so far. Here are some noisy rhythm tracks, some tech pieces and also a beautiful ambient track, ending up in few fading sounds.
CHUNK008: Leggina Trundimonde – From The Cat House

The last one in 2011 was released in September. Leggina Trundimonde worked through whole summer on House tracks and released 24 of them on a double cd. Some of them are industrial-like harsh, some are very ambient, Disco or Funk-like.
CHUNK007: Gyrator – Cabalistic Statistics

In July 2011 Gyrator released his second album on Chunk Records. “CabStats” is in fact an abandoned album which should appear also in 2007, but was never finished, so the tracks were compiled once more, added some other random pieces and remixes and then put out.
CHUNK006: Leggina Trundimonde – Cat Content

Another artist entered the scene in June 2011 with a 17 track album full of strange draft-structured electronic pieces. This is the learn phase by Leggina Trundimonde which beared some unpredictable, not really finished mostly rhythm orientated tracks which sound interesting nevertheless, so they were released.
CHUNK005: Skeletons In A Disco – Treadmill Music

It took 4 years to put out 005 in May 2011, meanwhile the complete setup has changed: “Treadmill Music” is full electronic built on software drum machines and features 8 tracks of hard industrial-like disco beat sound. There is no not so much variety within a track, it just builds up and stomps until the end. Actually this was a project conceived in 1981 by Gyrator and is first realized here.
CHUNK004: Gyrator Featuring Sudden Harry – Stealing Your Time

In September 2007 this album was released which revives some old tracks back from the eighties from an earlier existence from Sudden Harry. It doesn’t really work out though there are some interesting tracks. This has nothing to do with Punk or Wave – it features electronic noisy psychedelic tracks driven by a vintage drum machine, a steady bass and guitar noises as well some philosophic lyrics.
CHUNK003: Sudden Harry & The Mighty Machines – Rampage Of The Mind

“Rampage Of The Mind” was released in July 2007 and stands in the history of PostPunk/Funk/Dub class of 1983. While the rhythms are straight, there is a lot of noise and reverb and delay on these more or less catchy wave punk songs. And this album tells a story which is not so obvious in the first place.
CHUNK002: Gyrator – Unfair Genetics

In February 2007 Gyrator came up with the first album in the 00’s. He earlier had released some tapes in the late 80ies with pre-BigBeat and HipHop tracks besides lots of experimental, but danceable stuff. “Unfair Genetics” are seven repeating, schamanistic (80ies)-Electro shaped tracks.
CHUNK001: Thrazyvoul – Mess

The first album on Chunk Records appeared in January 2007. It’s one of the few attempts to mix drum machines with noisy shoegaze sounds, vocal-under bubbling in distorted guitars and basses. The band soon broke up after these recordings and none of the members continued making music.

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CHUNK020: Dublicist – The Reptile Brain Sessions Volume 2

The second part of the “Reptile Brain Sessions” was released in May 2015. Dublicist just continued his strange Dub Sound and managed to keep his standard.
CHUNK019: Tekhwolf – Undiscotable

Few days later Tekhwolf came out with a twin album to “Undisclosed” – while the sound turns more into ambiental Funk, the air seems to get thinner. Tekhwolf then worked with The 404’s, then descended into obscurity.
CHUNK018: Tekhwolf – Undisclosed

At the same time some other experimentalist Tekhwolf worked with Rock/PostPunk/Funk grooves which are filled up with long synth ambiences. This is very strange music, and also a strange kind of fun.
CHUNK017: Drinkfish – Headset

Also in April 2015 experimentalist Drinkfish published an album with a lot of different tracks. Beside some Tech fillers there are Ambient pieces, long groovers and something that can not be defined clearly. It’s kinda crazy, but also kinda fun.
CHUNK016: Dublicist – The Reptile Brain Sessions Volume 1

In April 2015 Dublicist put his first album out. This is pure adventurous styled Dub in the lower tempo regions. Dublicist always wanted to do something that is well rooted in the original Reggae vibe -what Adrian Sherwood did in the eighties on On-U Sound-, but also wanted to be advanced noisy but not too harsh, and somewhere unpredictable while keeping the old sound. And most of the stuff works surprisingly very well.
CHUNK015: Pegmayer – Chronomode

18 months later, in March 2015 the first album of a long row of albums was released. As the first new artist Pegmayer experimented a lot with his sound, in the end he decided not to do too explicite mastering on his tracks, because this ambiental Minimal House should sound as moldy and laid back as can be, so it never comes to the fore – and this works well.
CHUNK014: Daubenkötter – In Schönheit Sterben Kann Man Ja Immer Noch

Also in October 2013 Daubenkötter released his first album. His influences is “Neue Deutsche Welle”, overdrawn Industrial Techno, and some kind of nonsense fun, so he used old advertising phrases to build up these tracks. It makes no sense, but the pieces are direct, driving wildly and fast – something that is mostly missing in today’s music.
CHUNK013: Kickdigger & Dr What – The Junk Starts Here

The first in October 2013 was an album with some leftovers and some new tracks in the same style as on 010. This album is a bit weaker than the first, but is also the last one so far. Dr What didn’t work on music no more, and Kickdigger only delivered some samples from time to time to other artists on Chunk Records.
CHUNK012: Nangungu Pacific – My Life As A Ghost In The Bush

Also released in September 2013, NP built three overlong tracks which combine african poly-rhythm with guitar and horns blends and lots of samples. After that NP made no more music so far, but maybe he will come up with more stuff some day.
CHUNK011: Eugen Dittberner – After The Beard

This was released in September 2013, and Eugen Dittberner as a new artist on the label build a lot of minimal Deep House tracks which eventually move into ambience (like “Sort Of Cool”). The sound is still not common but the most commercial music here so far.

CHUNK RECORDS – the complete overview (021-030)

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CHUNK030: Splicix – Shame Harbour

Another new artist entered the scene with warm House beats on the one hand, on the other downtempo beats with vocal snippets, grooving in a dubbed, chilled atmosphere.
CHUNK029: Daubenkötter – Put That In Your Smoke And Pipe It!

Daubenkötter had a phase working on new tracks almost every day. And the next result is consequential as can be: Besides the Industrial/EBM-appeal he added some sort of funk and punk into his fast sloganized grooves. Still funny, still funky, no solos.
CHUNK028: Pegmayer – Brain Stuff What’s The Trick

In October 2015 Pegmayer came out with the second album, which swims in soft tech ambiences made by vintage drumboxes and few filtered chords.
CHUNK027: Conoclast – Nothing

This first (and only) album by Conoclast combines long noise loops with some industrial production rhythms. Still strange, but not so spectacular.
CHUNK026: Daubenkötter – Some More Obsolete Jukeboxing Bullshit Routines, You Got That, Jerk!? Get Out Here

This second album by Daubenkötter continues with strong EBM beats and silly slogans, combined to long, funny floor stompers.
CHUNK025: The 404’s – Motor Skill

This is the band Tekhwolf (as a part) evolved into. This is some kind of math rock stumbling into monothematic tracks.
CHUNK024: The Virgil Bernixen Experience – Epileptic Crazy Land

Virgil Bernixen worked on new tracks night and day in summer 2015, and finally he released a 2-cd-album with 16 new tracks. It’s still House sound in the back, but influences from Funk, Samba, Industrial, Jazz, HipHop and PostPunk fuse into furious, inflamed tracks full of energy. If “Natural Graffiti” is highly recommended, this is highly recommended plus.
CHUNK023: Eugen Dittberner – Come Get Some Groovy

In August 2015 Eugen Dittberner released his second album. Compared to the first one this kind of Minimal Deep House is now recruited by vocal samples throughout, but lacks here or there of originality. Nevertheless some grooves are good.
CHUNK022: Virgil Bernixen – Natural Graffiti

Also in June 2015 Virgil Bernixen delivered his first full length album. Beside two remixes there are eight new tracks which turned into a exciting mixture of Deep House, Noise, Seventies Jazz/Funk and PostPunk – one of the few albums which tried something really new and be original. Highly recommended.
CHUNK021: Bernixen – Viral

To start into the summer of 2015, Bernixen (a new artist here) produced a four track ep (the first time Chunk records released something like this, even it’s 31 minutes long) of some kind of distorted House music, a little like Theo Parrish, but less Jazz, more Funk and straight groove in it. Always the high noise factor is remarkable.